The Future of Augmented Reality in 2013

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The Future of Augmented Reality in 2013

As smart devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to grow in the market, so does the potential of augmented reality in 2013. Cypher Entertainment is a leader in developing the technology and applications of augmented reality, blurring the line between what is reality and what is computer generated – or augmented reality. By enhancing what we see, feel, and experience, augmented reality is quickly changing the way its users interact with the world.

In 2013, Cypher Entertainment will remain on the cutting edge of augmenting our world. Throughout the following year, augmented reality will continue to become a more customized and personalized experience. While the idea of superimposing graphics is nothing new, modern technology allows graphics to be displayed differently for each viewer’s perspective. Furthermore, by integrating augmented reality into smartphones and tablets, the options for creating highly targeted and customized content skyrockets exponentially.

Cypher Entertainment’s creative team of experts will play a large role in the future of augmented reality.  Cypher Entertainment is a visionary in making augmented reality a unique and personalized experience for everyone.

As content becomes more customized and relevant for the user through augmented reality, it becomes easier for advertisers and educators to promote their message without being obtrusive. In fact, because the user controls Cypher Entertainment’s Augmented Reality Application, relevant marketing and promotions will become a welcomed experience. Providing consumers with relevant information in a quick and exciting manner will instantly enhance the shopping experience. While the concept of a product was once limited by physical reality, limitations are now circumvented to create a fuller and more interactive user experience.

Cypher Entertainment’s patented technology is not only innovative, but also far ahead of its competitors. Unlike the leading competition, Cypher’s technology can process not only multiple markers, but up to a million markers simultaneously. Our new technology allows the use of 3D in augmented reality and can be used without internet connection. By creating simple yet new technology, Cypher Entertainment will remain on the cutting edge of augmented reality in 2013 and many years to come.


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