Who we are

Cypher Entertainment is a media and technology company focused on Augmented Reality.  Our apps use a proprietary image recognition engine to trigger customized content digital devices instantaneously, creating experiences that make products more accessible, ads more engaging, and games more exciting and fun.

How It Works

Cypher Entertainment’s patent-pending FuelAR technology utilizes unique, image recognition software that instantly captures and recognizes an object. Once the recognition takes place, the image can instantly activate digital experiences on tablets and smartphones.

Features and Benefits

  • Works on any camera-enabled device
  • Small initial download without compromising quality
  • Can be updated remotely
  • Online content, offline engagement
  • Completely customizable for your needs
  • Obtrusive codes and markers are not needed
  • Cutting-edge and innovative technology
  • Provides information about products, services, and licensed properties
  • User-friendly
  • Offers personal engagement between the brand and the user