Cypher Kids




Technology & Education

Learning and fun go hand in hand with Cypher Kids, Cypher’s new line of Augmented Reality-powered apps and games for children. Powered by FuelAR, our proprietary AR engine, Cypher Kids products feature a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and original, educational content that aims to entertain. Cypher’s AR-enhanced toys engage your children’s eyes, ears and imaginations, allowing them to interact with what they see and hear and unlock vivid, 3D worlds beyond their wildest dreams!



i3D Interactive Flash Cards

Cypher’s 3D Interactive Cards present educational concepts through entertaining and totally engaging interactive experiences. By holding the card’s special marker up to an iPhone, iPad or iPod, your child can launch a fully animated world and interact with characters and objects while exploring the card’s content. By combining visual storytelling with spoken information, these cards present different educational concepts through interactive play. Kids can rotate the animated world in real time by simply rotating their card, allowing them to discover new perspectives, hear real-life sounds, and hear new facts. It’s like visiting a museum without leaving home!


Coming in 2013, Cypher’s new line of dinosaur toys includes highly realistic figurines, dinosaur bone excavation kits, and educational books and posters. Each toy comes with a trading card that triggers vivid, educational, 3D content. Kids can go on a 3D digging expedition and bring prehistoric creatures back to life, hear fun facts, take pictures with their favorite dinosaurs, and more!